Canopy Definitions

Ball Ties -These are used to connect the tarp grommets to the canopy tubing. These are made of high grade rubber bungee material connected to a plastic ball. These are ideal for stretching the tarp tight to the frame. They keep constant tension on the tarp to keep it taut at all times.
Corner Angle - This is the angle where the roof connects to the side of the shelter. A flat roof is 90 degrees, a low peak is 102 degrees, a medium peak is 110 degrees and a high peak is 120 degrees. Also see Peak and Top angle.
Chain Link Fence Tubing -This is the tubing used for the construction of chain link fences. The 1 3/8 inch is used for horizontal rails. The 1 5/8 inch size is used for the posts or horizontal top rails of chain link fences. The 1 7/8 inch is used for posts. This galvanized steel tubing in lengths up to 21ft (12 inches are unusable) can be purchased from most cyclone fencing companies, many of which will cut to size. Most building material stores also carry cyclone fence tubing however most only carry lengths in 5 to 8 feet long so call ahead to make sure they have the sizes you're looking for. Always select the thickest tubing side wall (smallest gage number) possible.
EMT - Standard metal electrical conduit which comes in 3/4 and 1 in diameter. This conduit can be purchased at most building material stores. It comes in 10 foot lengths only.Fittings - These are used in the construction of a shelter to connect tubing at corners and joints. Special fittings are designed for use as footpads and flag holders. Fittings are constructed of either steel or high impact plastic. The tubing fits into the fitting and an eye screw is tightened down against the tubing. This holds the tubing tight in the fitting and allows for easy assembly and disassembling of the shelter.
Peak - This is a term used to describe the relative height of the canopy top or peak. This is related to the corner angle. The larger the corner angle the higher the peak. The low peak canopy has a corner angle of 102 degrees, the medium peak has a corner angle of 110 degrees and the high peak has a corner angle of 120 degrees.
Top Angle - This is the angle at the top peak of the canopy. This angle is larger which means the roof is flat for smaller corner angles. The low peak roof has a top angle of 156 degrees, the medium peak roof has a top angle of 140 degrees and the high peak roof has a top angle of 120 degrees. Also see corner angle. If you need additional information please