With such a large variety of tarps, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what is right for you. 

First, you need to decide the intent of your tarp: is it to cover your hay or firewood, or is it a replacement canopy top?  Are you looking for rain protection and shade, or just shade?  Are you looking for a long life out of your tarp, or is it a temporary situation?

If you are replacing a tarp on an existing structure, please CLICK HERE for measuring instructions to help you determine the size of tarp that you need.  Your canopy may measure 10' x 20' on the ground, but the tarp going over the roof will be wider than 10'. 

Our PVC Vinyl tarps will have the longest life.  This is also a much heavier fabric and will require more support underneath it.  If you are covering up firewood or something like that, it won't matter.  However, if you are putting this tarp on a structure, like a canopy frame, you will need to have supports under the tarp every 2 to 5 feet (depending on where you are located).  This is a heavy duty waterproof tarp.

Our heavy duty silver tarps have the longest life out of the poly tarps and are a sunblocking tarp as well.  Typically they last between 3 and 5 years, however the location and weather will impact this greatly.  The white tarps and desert tan colored tarps typically last between 2 and 4 years.  The colored tarps will fade over time, with red fading the quickest.  This is a waterproof tarp.

The Valance Tarps are designed to have approximately a 1' skirt around all four sides.  This helps with adding side tarps, directing the water to run to the outside of the frame.  The valance tarp is most often used as a replacement canopy top.  It is waterproof.

Flame Retardant tarps are used most often for vendor fairs, farmer's markets, swap meets and Saturday markets.  These come in silver or white.  Fire retardant tarps are also waterproof.

There are a number of customers who like the Clear Tarps to put on their frames and use them as a greenhouse covering.  There is a 3x3 mesh to reinforce the clear tarp.  The approximate life of this tarp is 1 to 3 years depending on location.  Waterproof tarp.

Sun Shade Mesh tarps are an excellent sun screen tarp for providing shade, but allow water through the open weave.  These can also be used as privacy screens along chainlink fences. 


Heavy Duty Tarps
Excellent to use for canopies, movie screens, camping, survival, shade and more! Available in Silver, White, Desert Tan, Red, Green, Orange & Yellow.
Valance Tarps
Silver, White, or Desert Tan. Skirt hangs over to allow water to run to the outside.
Flame Retardant Tarps
F.R. Silver and White Tarps. Meets NFPA 701, CA Title 19, and CPAI 84 Flame retardant specs.
Clear Tarps
Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Tarps and Clear Poly Tarps with mesh.
Sun Shade Mesh Tarps
73% Shade Factor. Comes in a variety of colors with grommets around edges.
PVC Vinyl Tarps
Durable 13 oz Vinyl Tarps in White, Green, and Tan.