Greenhouses & Growing Supplies

We are an authorized retailer of the Solexx and Shelterlogic brands of greenhouses.  You can order your full greenhouse kit and have your greenhouse built in a short time!  We also carry the metal and pvc fittings to allow you to build your own custom greenhouse frame, and then add the high quality long lasting Solexx twin-wall greenhouse covering, or cover the frame with a long lasting 6 mil greenhouse film and use our Snap Clamps to attach the film to the frame. If you need to use a blackout material for germination, the Panda Film is just what you need. 

If there is something that you don't see on our website and are trying to locate, send us an email or call us and we'll see if we carry it or can get it for you.  We will be adding more Greenhouse Supplies, so keep checking back!


Solexx, Shelterlogic, PVC Kits
Films and Coverings
Poly and corrugated plastics to cover your greenhouse. Other films to help your growing.
Fabric pots, Root Pruning Pots, Round Pots, Growing bags, etc
Greenhouse Parts & Accessories
Wiggle wire, tapes, zippers, etc