Snap Clamp - Fabric Clips

Snap Clamps (also known as Fabric Clips or Pipe Clips) are used to attach tarps or other fabrics to tubing or PVC pipe. Uses include greenhouses, cold frames, row covers, or even quilting frames. These clips have been UV stabilized for extended life in outdoor use.  Designed for use with Schedule 40 or Furniture Grade PVC.  We have also included sizing for EMT Tubing and Chain Link Fence (abbreviated CLF) tubing.
EZ Snap Clamps are for applications that you will frequently take the clamp on and off.  The EZ Snap Clamps are not as strong.  For long term applications, choose the standard Snap Clamps.

In rain or windy areas a self-tapping screw or Grip Clamp can be used to hold the snap clamps more securely.

Available in 4 inch and 48 inch length. The 48 inch pieces can be used as one clamp or cut into custom sizes. Purchase by the box and save.

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