AccelaFrame HD Shelters

The revolutionary AccelaFrame™ System has been engineered to offer quicker frame

assembly and disassembly, stronger frame, and easier storage.

  • Assembled in Minutes - Instead of the long hours it used to take to put together a shelter
  • Easier Assembly - Fewer steps and parts equal a simpler DIY job
  • 2X Stronger - Engineered 2X stronger for all-season durability, compared to other ShelterLogic shelters
  • Fewer Loose Parts - Means less time figuring out where they all go
  • Compact Storage - Folding ribs allow for easier, more compact storage
  • Better Customer Experience - Less frustration during assembly means a better customer experience


A Unique Geometric Design for a Strong and Stable Structure

One of the most unique attributes of the ShelterLogic AccelaFrame HD Shelter is its shape.

First, the curve of the rafters facilitates easier assembly and disassembly with easy fold-up ribs. The rounded joints also make the frame of the AccelaFrame HD Shelter easier to fold and unfold.

The unique geometric shape of the rafter also provides strength to the building; because an arc is stronger than a straight rafter as the load is more evenly distributed. In on-site tests, the AccelaFrame HD Shelter’s unique design eliminated excessive snow accumulation on top of the structure – which can contribute to the general wear and tear of a building.

The AccelaFrame HD Shelter has been designed to be a strong garage with faster assembly compared to other units. Our quick assembly system is broken down in 3 easy steps: simply unfold the ribs, build the frame and install the cover. It has been engineered to be a convenient and practical storage shelter that can be used seasonally, or as an all-year garage.

When used as a seasonal garage, the AccelaFrame HD Shelter is a storage tent and outdoor garage that assembles and disassembles more quickly and easily, making it simple to build when you need storage in the winter, and quick to disassemble in the spring and summer when weather conditions improve.

It’s also strong enough to use as a storage shelter all-year round.

Built tough with heavy-duty materials, the AccelaFrame HD Shelter is a reliable and strong all-year shelter. Its unique design eliminates snow accumulation and improves weight distribution.


Explore the technology behind the AccelaFrame System


Innovative AccelaFrame™ Rib System

Engineered for quicker, easier assembly and disassembly, stronger frame, and easier storage. Cuts build time from hours to minutes.

Ratchet-Tite™ Tensioning

Ensures a tight cover and door panel connection to shelter frame. Quality ratchet and web strap components keep cover tight and neat looking.


Easy Slide™ Cross Rail

Best-in-class feature for continuous cover tightening. Locks down and squares up frame.





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