Shade Cloth, Shade Sails, Fasteners for Shade Cloth

DIY Shade Cloth and Sun Screen Mesh Tarps are an essential accessory for your greenhouse.  They also provide shade to many other areas of your home, like your deck, children's play structure, or any where else you need shade.  You can also put them along your fence for privacy.  This is an open mesh fabric, and will allow water through.  There are a number of different ways you may want to attch your shade cloth or tarp, and we've included the most common fasteners in this section.


DIY Shade Cloth
Unfinished Edges, 160 gsm/80% Shade
Shade Cloth Tarps
Finished edges with grommets, 73% shade.
Fasteners for Shade Cloth
Used with DIY Shade cloth
Ball Ties
Bungees to attach a tarp with grommets to a frame
Snap Clamps
Snap over the fabric and pipe frame.
Spring Clamps
Temporarily hold fabric to frame.
Tarp Grabber
Add grommets where you need them.